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16 Boho dresses to add to cart immediately (2022 version)

Two women wearing boho dresses in the summer

The Boho Dress: Earthy, Airy, and Elusive

There’s plenty of fish in the sea. But not plenty of good boho dresses. 

They exist, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve discovered that it’s hard to find appealing options that don’t look generic, without scouring through dozens of sites. And as someone who has never really felt at home in flower print or ruffles, I felt that it was time for an intentional and curated list. (Disclaimer: There are the occasional flowers or ruffles. You gotta explore your options.)

Okay, so what is a Boho dress?

Typically, this style is known for being a little more flowy and explorative, with embroidery, embellishments, or an element to add some texture. Layers, or the impression of patchwork perhaps. We’re not opposed to a tasteful tassel or fringe. Let’s call it… organic elegance? Less on the structured side of things – we’re not looking for perfect sleek lines here. 

If you can picture this dress with a silhouette of wild hair, and sunbeams behind it, you’re on the right track.
Cruise through the selection below to find your new favorite dress(es).

The Zoe Dress. I adore that drawstring neckline. Snake not included. 

The Toleny Dress looks comfortable enough to dance the night away, with just enough ruffle to keep you warm while you stargaze after.

The Look Into The Sun Gown by Free People. Available in a variety of colors, the small cutouts on the sides and at the waist are like a little wink from fashion heaven.

This Hera Maxi Dress by Studio Tia changes with your mood. Wear it with the cutouts in the front when you’re feeling breezy, or with a high neck in the front and cutouts in the back when you’re unassuming but still want to make an impression. Don’t forget to look over your shoulder and smile.

The blue embroidery on this emerald green is just what we need. The Annabell Maxi Dress by March 11 is calling our name like a siren in the night.

This R. Vivimos cotton backless dress is way too charming with its shirred bodice and comes in every color you could ever need.

Firstly: pockets. Wear this Fararo halter maxi with a tie around the waist for some shape, or loose to feel like the free bird that you are. And again… pockets.

Golden Brown hit the vintage button dead on with their Goin’ to California dress. The print, the fit, the lace-up front. Flashbacks to pics of your mom (grandma? I’m so old) in the 70’s hit immediately, in the best way.

I love the textured tie dye effect on this Zen maxi dress by Fara. Wear it to a wedding, or just a darling day of sitting in the grass. Be sure to explore the variety of colors available.

The Poppy Midi Dress by Turquoise Lane is so flattering. Give it a sweet touch with some delicate sandals, or throw in a little flavor with your favorite combat boots.

Studio Tia’s Dalia Maxi Dress is honestly just right out of our dreams. The ombré coloring is so elegant, and let’s be real, this looks so comfy. And it doesn’t hurt that I’m pretty sure when you put it on, you’ll feel like a desert goddess. Cue mysterious drums in the background.

The Carolina Maxi Dress in Tiger’s Eye Bandhani print has just enough detail to draw the eye. Wear it out, but also wear it around home and feel yourself. With your favorite long dangly jewelry of course. Walking with a little extra sway. 

The Daydream Sonora Dress has the perfect cutouts to give just the right amount of a peek. And those billowy sleeves are so dreamy.

The Redwood Dress by Golden Brown is giving some serious Almost Famous vibes here… guess it’s time to go follow a band around.

The Hyacinth Gown by Jen’s Pirate Booty comes in a few varieties (search Hyacinth on the site), which means you may need to make a tough decision. Our fave? The Daydream Patchwork, pictured above. Take our money, Jen.

Apparently Jen’s Pirate Booty is the closet we never knew we always needed. This Smoketree Maxi Dress is an instant add-to-cart. 

Let me know which dresses you caved on, and feel free to send pics of you looking flawless in said dresses. 

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  1. These dresses are amazing, nicely written article too. Will be adding some of these to my Pinterest board.